Food|Taipei Beitou-two four traditional cuisine shop, the old shop is close to Beitou Park


Let me tell you one thing honestly. When I went to Beitou, this was not the first option. It was a traditional cuisine shop that came after I gave up the first option. After all, it’s rare to go to Beitou and I want to eat the famous restaurant. The Ai Zai Cai braised pork rice, but time and crowds are not allowed to wait. I found this shop while hesitating. It seems that it is not inferior to the original choice. Both the evaluation and the flow of people are very high, and the environment is more Comfortable, clean and tidy, with air conditioning, and a large number of seats.

The business hours are also relatively long, there is no need to go to the Beitou market to be crowded, and a variety of side dishes at the door look good. The storage conditions and environment are hygienic and safe, and they will not be exposed, especially if they are put outside in summer, they are worried about deterioration.

The staff of this kind of traditional cuisine shop are beyond imagination. They are generally family-owned and there are not too many people. You can imagine how good its business is. The kitchen has not stopped at all, even at 2pm. Many people come to dine, and the food is always on the table.

There are only 4~5 tables on the first floor. In fact, the environment on the second floor will be better, and the space will not be too crowded. The staff will remind you to find a seat before ordering, and arrange guests to join the table to reduce waiting Time, after ordering, you need to pay first. The food will go up to the second floor by the food elevator, and the food will be served in 5-10 minutes.

There are also plenty of options for traditional snacks. There are a lot of choices, whether it’s noodle soup or green vegetables. Generally, snack shop don’t make so many kinds. It will be more troublesome to handle the ingredients. I don’t know if there are so many. What you eat is good, you want to eat everything you see, and the price is not bad.

The skin is elastic and will not feel greasy, and it will not chew. It is cooked just right, retains the taste, and will not be soft.

Smoked Shark , this is a dish that my dad likes very much, he will order it whenever he sees it.

Big bowl of braised pork rice NT$40. It looks like a lot of fatty meat, but it’s actually fat but not too heavy. It’s not too heavy. It tastes good. It has a light spice flavor and does not make people uncomfortable. Especially I like Chinese medicine. The taste of the ingredients, the sauce can adhere to all the white rice, the amount of sauce for the braised pork rice is very important, if there is white rice without the sauce, it will be very stuffy.

The pig blood soup is NT$30. There is so much pig blood. It is really enjoyable. Some pig blood soup looks very pitiful. The soup is more than pig blood. Here, the pig blood is faster than the soup. There will be a fishy smell, the seasoning ratio is very balanced, I think it's okay.

Our family has eaten at this table, and they have been eating. There are meat and vegetable dishes. It is a good choice to have a simple meal. It is a snack shop that you can eat next time you go to Beitou. Maybe not The most powerful, but it suits your taste.

The aunt waiter on the second floor, maybe because there are more guests, sometimes the tone is not very good, and the service attitude is just like a traditional cuisine shop, and the actions and mood are the same.

It's purely personal, everyone has different preferences,

What suits me is not necessarily suitable for you.


Address:No. 213, Guangming Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Opening time:Monday~Saturday 10:00~02:00

Sunday 10:00~00:00


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