Korean-Running Man Classic Variety Show

Running Man is a variety show in South Korea. It started broadcasting in 2010. From 9 people at the beginning to 7 people at the back, Running Man can be regarded as a variety show I have been chasing from the beginning. Before this, other shows were watched intermittently, no A show that allowed me to watch for so long. It ushered in its peak period with the original 7 people. The Running Man at the beginning was really good. Whether it is the game content or the theme setting, it is very fresh and interesting. It is a new direction that breaks the traditional variety show.

The scale is also unprecedented. It is a program content that can not be seen in Taiwan or the mainland. It is also conceivable that such a cost is also huge. It is not seen in Taiwan at all, and the content is funny and interesting. There are character settings, which in my opinion was an incredible program at the time. It is really amazing to have this idea and realize it.

Later, the influence of Running Man went beyond South Korea, and they even went to other countries to record shows, so they also promoted South Korea. This method is really not easy to learn. From not knowing these artists to later knowing how they were in Korea. Well-known, originally in the field of singers, models, hosts, and acting, they were later assembled in the same show. They added more popularity to this show and let them return to their original professions to make them more aware. Of course, individual people have their own situation, so I won't discuss this in detail.

Later, China and South Korea bought the copyright of Running Man and named it on Zhejiang Satellite TV. Brother, it also made a wave in China, but I am not interested in watching the Chinese version of Running Man. I personally like to watch the original version. , I don’t know if it was because of the director’s departure or after selling the copyright, the Korean genuine Running Man fell into a trough for a while, and the content seemed to have encountered a bottleneck, not as interesting as the past.

I also experienced a lot of turmoil on the way. Whether it was rumors about changing the host or who is leaving, everyone wanted to improve the situation. Later, one of the host Gary chose to quit due to personal reasons. This time, another shock was set off. , Everyone is very reluctant, especially the viewers who have watched Running Man for a long time, and they don’t want any of them to leave. It is not like Running Man.

The TV station also made some mistakes, which led to the audience's accusations and abuse. Later, they came out to apologize. For the change of the program, they increased the host team, from internship to regular membership, and finally added 2 people. Of course, there are still many viewers who are not. Satisfied, but also lost some audiences. In fact, this is understandable. After all, everyone will have an emotional problem. After watching the host for a long time, but after changing to a new one, I feel that it is not the original Running Man. Kind of feeling betrayed.

And I didn’t look at Running Man much from a certain moment, because it didn’t bring me the joy of the past, and it didn’t give me motivation to watch it. The previous Running Man would make me look forward to the time it will be played next time. It was very pleasant when I watched it, and it made me laugh easily. I didn’t have this feeling in the back, and it started to become flat. Maybe it wasn’t that it became bad, it was not suitable for changing my mood.

I still hope that they can get better and better. It has been broadcast for 10 years now. It is really a longevity show. It is not easy to bring happiness to the audience. They themselves should have happiness to stick to it.


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