Hand grinding coffee beans, grinding is patient.

Nowadays, there are coffee shops everywhere, and even convenience stores sell coffee. Basically, you can buy a cup of coffee wherever you go, and you can smell coffee wherever you go. It is an indispensable drink for modern people. Even if it is about to surpass traditional tea, I still remember that there was a set of tea sets at home, which was specially used for making tea.

In the past, people who drink tea or the elders who like to drink tea are very particular about making tea, and they have their own set of tea making methods and philosophy, so that the term Kung Fu tea appears. In the past, tea making must follow the steps and methods, otherwise You will be scolded, either because you are wasting tea or you are never allowed to make tea again. It can be said that you can judge a person's character.

Also because the price of some tea sets is very expensive, I will be very worried about you breaking it. It is really not easy to make a cup of tea. I also learned some things back then. In order to entertain the visiting guests, everyone found it troublesome and started slowly. Simplify the steps and tools, soak immediately and drink immediately to keep up with the fast pace of modern people, where there is time to take it slowly with you.

Recently, I turned on the hand-cranked grinder, which was covered with dust for a long time. After I bought it and used it only once, it was received in the cupboard. I never took it out again. I probably left it for a few years. I can’t remember when I bought it. It’s great to remember that there are such things. In addition to the grinder, the coffee filter cup and filter paper are missing. I am worried that I can’t make coffee without these two.

Someone next to you told me that there were those two things at home and where they were. The tools were really complete. Why didn’t I see you make a cup of coffee for me? (Psychological OS) Is it possible to predict that I will want to make coffee by myself someday in the future? This idea is a bit scary.

I picked up the hand-cranked grinder, poured coffee beans, looked at the handle of the grinder, raised his left hand to fix the grinder, and put his right hand on it to start grinding coffee beans, until this step is still very calm, the next moment It's a tragedy. After all, the first time I grind coffee beans by myself, I think it’s very interesting to shake it a few times. I start to doubt my life when I grind it halfway. I'm not familiar with the feeling of hand-grinding beans. I just want to grind the coffee beans by myself after grinding this cup.

Life is so hard, don’t you just want to drink a cup of coffee? It happened that the coffee beans were ground and the coffee was brewed. After taking a sip, I felt that it was all worthwhile. The whole process was very interesting. Then the whole behavior was repeated the next day. Later, when the coffee beans were ground, the speed gradually slowed down. Enjoy the aroma of coffee beans when you grind, appreciate the rhythm and feel of the hand crank, and calm down slowly. You don’t want to grind it in a hurry.

Regarding the entire process as a refinement, it takes time to boil hot water, to grind coffee beans, and to filter out a cup of coffee through filter paper. These are not fast, and each step requires a certain amount of time. In this time period, it is a way to learn, to cultivate patience, and it can also be used as a time for thinking, which is also a time to rest and understand yourself.


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