Unboxing-Can the high pressure washer and waterjet pipe cleaner pass through the kitchen drain?

Too much, it’s tears. When your kitchen has an untimely bomb, your mood is really ups and downs, especially as long as it rains, your heart is hanging in the air. Maybe it’s not a problem when it rains. Big, but typhoon days or sudden heavy thunderstorms are a headache. I don’t know when the kitchen drain will burst like a fountain!

In order to find a way to solve the problem, I don’t know how much I have turned over in the Internet article, and I have tried what I should have tried. The effect is not too obvious. Even if the sewer can be normally open now, there is no guarantee that it will be okay if it rains tomorrow. It has something to do with the residents upstairs.

This time I found a way to pass the water jet pipe on the Internet, that is, a high-pressure washer with a special pipeline connector to pass the water pipe. This set is cheap and not cheap, and it is expensive and acceptable. As long as it can be used, it can be used. It is worth the investment that will be sprayed out.

I don’t need to say which one bought it. Just order a whole set, including a high-pressure washer and a waterjet pipe cleaner. If you have a high-pressure washer, you only need to buy a suitable waterjet pipe cleaner, and each company’s high-pressure cleaning The connectors of the machine are a little different, so you must ask for it before you buy it, so you can't use it when you buy it.

The most important equipment is the blue pipeline and the front nozzle, and then the pressure of the high-pressure cleaner is not strong enough, and the rest is unpredictable. The manufacturer told me that if the underground pipeline bends are complicated or too many, it will be too. There is a possibility that it will not be able to pass through, and there is no guarantee that it can be used. Then I used the manual pipe piper to go down almost 15 meters before, I thought I should go down with this, in fact, I still encountered some problems. , I'm not sure if it is unskilled in operation, or the water pipe bends are too bend to pass, and there is no way to run down smoothly according to inertia.

Its principle is to use strong hydraulic power to wash away the stains and dirt on the pipe wall, and the pressure is not so great that the pipe is broken. I watched many videos on the Internet and it seems to have a good effect, but it still depends on it. There are not many turning points in the pipeline. It is quite enjoyable to flush the sewer. The water pressure will keep the pipeline down, which has a lot to do with the opening of the nozzle, but I only used it once and put it there. By the way, I haven't thought about how to use it next time, and I don't have the confidence to make it go to the sewer smoothly!


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