Korean Variety Show-Cow island Hotel-Opening, entertain newlyweds for an unforgettable two days and one night.

From tvN

South Korea tvN’s newly launched variety show Cow Island Hotel on July 12, 2021. The program members include Kim Hee Sun, Cho Jae Hoon, Yoo Tae Wu, Moon Se Yun, EXO KAI. This combination includes actors, singers and comedians. How can they be outside Jeju Island? Do you manage a pub in Udo? Who is the chef, who is the entertainer, and who is the liquor introducer? You have to read it to know!

The theme of the program is for newlyweds who got married under the epidemic. Because of the epidemic, they can’t travel abroad for their honeymoon, so that they can have short and good memories at the Cow Island Hotel. There are three rooms in the Cow Island Hotel, which can entertain 3 groups every day. Newlyweds will definitely see the celebrities panicking at first, but they will generally get better after passing the front, and the services and meals they provide will not lose to the professional staff (at least It looks really good).

Of course, the existence of celebrities is still the most important. At present, the most common production content of this kind of program is South Korea. There will always be some warm and happy stories that will be born. From the interaction between them and the guests, there will be such things that they are not remote. Out of reach of big stars, I believe that these newlyweds who come to Cow Island Hotel should also come with the idea of meeting artists. After all, when will there be such an opportunity?



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