The proportion of foreign students studying in the United States who do not speak English well is more than you think!

One of the best ways to learn a language is the environment. This is what most people think when they want to learn a foreign language is to go abroad. Of course, this is not necessary. Everyone is suitable for different ways. Some people can learn the language even if they don’t go abroad. It’s very good, at least I’m not of this type. I’m used to listening to learn and memorize more deeply than memorizing, so when I’m forced to speak, I’ll speed up my learning.

I had an idea at the beginning, but I didn’t break my original idea until I went abroad. It turns out that there are still some situations where I can’t speak a foreign language in a foreign country. I can only speak my original mother tongue and even other types of languages ​​in my own country. They still speak better than English. This is something that makes me quite dumbfounded. I can only say that they have money in their family.

There are several reasons for this. One of course is that I did not really study or care about it, but I can still live abroad. After all, most major cities in developed countries have Chinatowns, and the proportion of Chinese is also There are many, so basically you can still survive if you speak Chinese. As long as you have money, there is nothing you can't do.

On the one hand, it is only with the natives. Of course, it will be dependent on not being too lonely, but this will reduce the opportunities for exercise and it is not easy to make foreign friends. Making foreign friends is actually a way to speed up language learning. However, many students get together when they encounter people who speak the same language when they go abroad. In addition to class, they are probably together for eating, drinking, and having fun, except for necessary group work.

I have encountered two examples. One is more exaggerated than the other. The other is a Chinese. It takes about a year to go to the United States. Most of the time I speak Chinese and I am with Chinese people. I checked out after I took it, and I didn’t talk to the store clerk. Later, I had to take the college entrance examination for a year, but I got my TOEFL score of less than 60 (in fact, it’s hard to say). It seemed that after a few years without going to university, he returned to China.

The other is a Korean. This one is not to be exaggerated to a realm. I went to a language school in the United States for three years and studied for three years. They were all having fun and chatting with Koreans. They all spoke Korean and even had a little basic communication in English. The problem, the last news I heard from him was that his family said that as long as he was admitted to college, he would buy him a luxury car (the one that is not cheap). He spent many years in the United States and didn’t know that he would be admitted. Is it? Do you continue to stay in the United States?

These are things that are beyond my imagination, but they actually happen. Some people who graduated and return to China may not be able to speak very well, so going abroad is actually not terrible. I don’t want to say anything, as long as they have money, everything is OK. Yes, of course, this is not necessarily a good demonstration and pursuit, but I don’t comment on why they are so. Maybe they are not personally willing to go abroad. It is possible to express that they are not going abroad. It means that they will study well and speak well. It still depends on whether you spend time studying.


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