Jack's unboxing | frozen white cauliflower rice, a good helper for weight loss

frozen white cauliflower rice, a good helper for weight loss

When you want to lose weight and fat, you will unconsciously check a lot of information online, and the sales of frozen products have also soared during the epidemic. Convenient to store and ensure nutrient intake, the current frozen foods are much better than in the past in terms of technology and health. The exposure of cauliflower rice was very high before, especially with a series of red weight loss methods, such as the 168 fasting method, or the reduced sugar diet, which basically reduces the intake of carbohydrates, but Asians are very It is difficult to leave the existence of rice, and its appearance has made it convenient for many people to use it as a substitute.

If you have the opportunity, you can buy it and try it. Does it taste as good as white rice? This is what I am most curious about, even though I already have the answer in my heart, it is stated in advance that I have very high requirements for white rice, or that I do not like eating white rice most of the time. If you can eat pasta, you won’t be able to eat rice, so you have a strong curiosity about other types of staple foods.

frozen white cauliflower rice, a good helper for weight loss

This package is 1000g. The brand is not very important. The drop should not be too high. Anyway, I just try to see the taste and texture first. At present, most of the frozen cauliflower rice should be imported. The price of fresh broccoli cannot be compared, this is the advantage of freezing.

frozen white cauliflower rice, a good helper for weight loss

The first time I cook it, I used almost half a bag (500g), which is probably fried rice for two people. At first glance, it looks a bit like fried rice in the distance. You can see a clear difference when you watch it up close, and you can quickly turn it into a fried rice with other favorite ingredients. This is also the most convenient way of cooking. The process of turning cauliflower rice into fried rice is relatively easier than fried rice. If the technique is not good, you don’t have to worry about sticking to the pan, and you don’t need too much oil. Generally, the oil content in fried rice is very high. It is delicious but unhealthy.

The other is the taste of the actual entrance, it is not like white rice at all. This is also in my expectation. Cauliflower itself is a commonly eaten vegetable. I am very familiar with it and it is difficult to convince myself that it is rice. The advantage of using cauliflower rice is to take in a lot of vegetables (dietary fiber) and nutrients, and reduce the intake of carbohydrates. But I personally feel that if I want to be full, I have to eat a lot of portions. It seems that I am basically not 80% full after eating this plate, and I want to eat something after eating. This is very embarrassing.


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