Tainan's attractions-the Hayashi Department Store at night, is like a foreign country.


Hayashi Department Store

The Hayashi Department Store at night is so different from the one in the daytime. There is a classical historical style during the day, and the transformation is a bit gorgeous at night. Under the lighting, it is not so rigid, but bright and moving. Tell everyone shiningly. It's the Lin Department Store, it's more like going abroad, but it stands alone there, and it seems a bit lonely.

No matter day or night, I can see many friends who like photography come here to take pictures. Their perspective may be different from ours. They can see more things we can't see, and it is indeed a southern city, 7~8 in the evening. There are obviously a lot fewer cars and pedestrians on the back road. There are cars passing by almost occasionally. If you want to take a panoramic view of the Lin Department Store during the day, you have to wait for the opportunity to grasp the opportunity, otherwise the traffic coming and going will block your vision. It is impossible to simply include it.

Behind the prosperity, there are so many painstaking things. Its splendid appearance now reflects how many historical disputes it has gone through, how much time and restoration has taken it to survive from destruction, and how much time and repair has taken it to show its current appearance. Just look at the surface. The dazzling beauty is unable to recognize its connotation and past. Only if you want to understand it and listen to its voice, can you truly understand it.


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