There are countless Danzi noodle shops around Chikanlou in Tainan? ?

Du xiao yue Danzi noodles next to Chikanlou in Tainan are unfamiliar. Now most of Du xiao yue’s branches are decorated in a modern and trendy style. Such traditional Taiwanese snack bars seem to be quite different from the impression of Du xiao yue. What is the difference between the two? Where should foreign tourists who don't know go to eat the so-called authentic Danzi noodles for Du xiao yue? Can someone explain to me?

After all, the gap with my impression is too big. Whether it is the Duxiaoyue Taipei Yongkang Street store that has not closed before, or the original store on Zhongzheng Road in Tainan, it is not the same route at all. Is it the legendary copy of the high copy? ? They also made a website that said it was inherited from three generations, and the price is not cheap. Compared with this price, I would rather go to Zhongzheng Road to eat.

After retaining this doubt, continue to walk in the direction of Ximen Circle, as a walk and explore what shops are nearby, whether it is for eating or drinking or selling some products, but there is nothing but found selling Danzi noodles. There are really as many shops as you can’t do. You can see one selling Danzi noodles within a few steps. After all, its origin is from Tainan. It’s understandable that there are other shops, but in terms of taste. Each one must be a little bit different, and the more funny thing is that each one says it is passed down through generations, my God! How is it?

The publicity of each store is the same. Outsiders really don’t know which one to go to. Even if everyone’s tastes are different, they may find the right taste, but there are so many. How to tell which one is the one handed down by the original inventor, can only be said that this is a gathering place for Danzi noodles, which gathers many Danzi noodles with their own characteristics.


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