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How do I quit smoking?

In fact, the way I quit smoking is very simple, just one thought and one sentence, that is, I want to quit smoking, that quit smoking now, and did not smoke again.

This concludes this article ~ haha

Although it looks like a joke, but I really do. Many people who smoke will say that it is difficult to quit. I believe it is possible, but it didn't happen to me.

Quit Smoking Gum, Quit Patch, Quit Smoking Clinic, Someone even smoked e-cigarette. I have not tried any of these methods, and the effect is not what I can describe. You can try to see which method works for you. There is no absolute The only way is suitable for you.

It ’s not that I ’m so powerful or special, it ’s just that I do n’t have the addictive symptoms that other people say, and I still have physical discomfort. I only think of it as a change in the physical direction of the body. I always want to stop smoking. Good toxins are excreted from the body. It ’s really amazing to me. After all, like my dad, when he quit, he basically said that he would n’t smoke if he did n’t smoke. Human is the same.

Friends who know that I quit smoking will not ask me even when they are smoking. They are still good friends. They will not push you down. Otherwise, if they see others smoking, they will unconsciously want to smoke a cigarette. People who smoke must feel the same.

In fact, I believe that as long as you have a strong idea, everyone can quit smoking, but how to inspire yourself and find a way that suits you. Believe that you can do it!

I smoke very emotionally, otherwise I would n’t have smoked. It may be that I am in a bad mood at this moment and I smoke a cigarette, but the next moment I hate cigarettes. That is such a strange psychology. But now I am in a bad mood and move to other goals, whether it is sports or watching a comedy film, I will no longer use smoking to troubleshoot.

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The advantage and disadvantages of smoking-not responsible for article

Advantage of smoking

To promote economic development, smoking requires the purchase of cigarettes, and even cigarette-related peripheral products. As the flow of money increases, the economy will naturally grow. Even if you want to quit smoking, go to the smoking cessation clinic, or buy gum and patch products. Both promote the consumer market.

Playing handsome, remember that when I was a kid, I felt very handsome and very good looking at smoking. When I was handsome, I picked up the cigarette, lit the cigarette handsomely, and played the soot in the handsome manner, how many people can be stunned (now estimated to be scolded to death).

Belonging to their own circle, the smokers have an inexplicable sense of tacit understanding and groupness. Even people who do n’t know each other can talk together or even make friends because they can smoke together. If you do n’t smoke, you have to integrate instead of smoking. The common discourse is even more difficult. People who smoke seem to have revolutionary emotions and support and share each other. Especially if they can give you the last cigarette, they must be good friends.

The disadvantages of smoking

The body clothing is full of smoke, as long as anyone who is close to you can smell you smoking, the smoke is very obvious, and people who do n’t like smoking will stay away from you directly.

Health problems, smoking is known to be harmful to your health, and is one of the carcinogenic factors. Although it does not mean that you will definitely get cancer when you smoke, your odds are many times higher than others.

Being squeezed out by non-smokers, now that everyone is aware of the healthy atmosphere, everyone knows that second-hand or third-hand smoke is harmful to the body, and will be as far away as possible from the smokers.

Too much money to buy cigarettes. Although the price of cigarettes in Taiwan is cheaper than abroad, the price has been adjusted many times. When you smoke more, the more you need to buy, the more money you spend Saving money is no small expense.

Others haven't thought of it yet, if you have any ideas, please add it!

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Why do I smoke?

I am not a smoker, I am also very sensitive to the smell of cigarettes, I hate the smell of cigarettes left on my hands, and the strong smell I smell every time I pass the old cigarette, it makes me uncomfortable. Even so, I smoke Is there a big contrast, since I don't like it but smoking, I feel very contradictory, but it is true.

I also used a very funny explanation with my friends to explain why I smoked because I did n’t like it, so that I would not be affected by the other person, and I would not have that nasty feeling when I smoked, smelling The taste is different, it sounds very unconvincing, haha! If others do n’t believe it, I believe it. This is why most smokers always have to find a reason for themselves. It does n’t need to be reasonable, and you do n’t need to agree with it, just to convince yourself that this is right.

Aside from this, it seems to be a superficial reason. Smoking is an escape and relief from a certain point of view. For me, it is an outlet for giving myself pressure. Whether it can be released may not necessarily, at least that feeling. Just like, the cool feeling after a certain action, such as smoking after drinking, smoking in the toilet, smoking after meals, will make people have an illusion. This feeling seems very good. I believe that friends who smoke know all about Some moments of joy.

Gradually it becomes a habit, and some people can be said to be addicted. After all, everyone's situation is different and people cannot easily stay away from it. Habits are actually not easy to change (not to mention nicotine addiction). Hand habit I light a cigarette and suddenly I lose the cigarette. I always feel something is missing. After the habit of smoking, I do n’t smoke with that movement.

But this has nothing to do with me. What I want to smoke is to shift the focus, to relieve the invisible stress through cigarettes, to calm down the nervousness through cigarettes, to feel unhappy in life, to feel the world through cigarettes is not so bad, to come through cigarettes. Feeling that I am still alive, even though it is torturing the body and making me feel physical discomfort, it makes me think that I exist. At that moment it is my best friend, and that time is the world between me and it. Stay away from all unhappiness and unhappiness.

Like I said, every person who smokes has a reason to smoke, and even that reason will change over time, but it is not easy for people to face the reason for smoking, unless there is an inducement that he thinks is important Appears, or it is difficult to make him quit smoking, otherwise you cannot really understand why he smokes.

It's like no one can understand why I smoked!

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Why do I quit smoking?

I have been smoking for a long time, and it is not a short time. At least in terms of age, I will not reveal my age. In this smoking process, I quit a lot of times and the time is not short. The longest time to quit smoking is also 2-3 years. Whether it is quitting while conditioning the body to drink Chinese medicine or suddenly feel that cigarettes are annoying and quit, there are various situations.

In the end, the reason that I really did n’t want to smoke was also very simple, that is, health factors. Smoking is a wonderful thing. Basically, everyone agrees that smoking is harmful to your health. The age of living is still very long, and some people have a problem with smoking. Should it be related to genes?

Then I am the kind of person who is uncomfortable with smoking, that is, I can obviously feel the harm of cigarettes to my body. Why did I continue to smoke at that time? It has a relationship with psychological factors. On the one hand, it is regarded as a way to relieve stress; on the other hand, it has a self-abuse psychology.

But at a certain point of time, the age was still very low, but I suddenly wanted to open it, and felt like taking care of my health. Although it is only one of the carcinogenic factors, not smoking does not mean that I will not get sick, but it can reduce one and destroy the body Is reducing one factor a great reason? Yeah. No matter to whom, physical health is the most important.

No matter what reason you use to persuade yourself to quit smoking, as long as the result is good, it doesn't matter what the reason is, that reason is meaningful to yourself. It's not that complicated!

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Smoking experience

In my memory, the first time I was impressed with cigarettes was in elementary school. At that time, my dad was still smoking. I remember that he learned to smoke when he was a soldier. Later, he has been smoking during work. I was curious at that time. I stole his cigarette to smoke, but at that time I only felt that it was bad and uncomfortable. I was quite disgusted with the cigarette, but I couldn't beat the curiosity and thought that there was nothing good to smoke. My dad kept smoking. .

That is in the fourth grade of elementary school. Suddenly one day my dad said he wanted to quit smoking, and then he really quit smoking. After we grew up, he explained why he would quit smoking, basically for the health of his family. It ’s very powerful for the sake of quitting. It can be said that quitting quits smoking. Otherwise, no matter what everyone thinks it is very difficult to quit smoking, I just sniff and think it is so difficult.

Things are always so incredible. My dad quit smoking. It seems that our family has nothing to do with cigarettes. It changed in the third grade of my junior high school. Friends who have been educated in Taiwan can feel that the atmosphere of learning and the pressure of exams How big it is, especially under the concept that the test scores in Taiwan are supreme, I ca n’t go to a good school without good grades, and I am very reluctant to study for the purpose of studying only, which also leads to a very dislike of studying, which does not mean that I have poor grades. I have had good grades, but I am very unhappy. I am either an exam or a tutoring class every day. I have no sense of life. I started smoking before I was going to graduate from junior high school.

Going to high school, it will take 3 to 4 hours to commute every day. I do n’t know if you have this experience. It is easier for your family to tell you that you are in high school. In fact, the pressure is even greater, whether it is the pressure of school or It is the pressure of family members, and smoking has become a way of resolving. There is also a way to pretend to be cool, and there is a way to maintain relationships with some classmates in the class. Everyone is trying to relieve their mood. Otherwise, what is the benefit of cigarettes? , We read that high school is always not sure, right?

At that time, my family guessed whether I was smoking, but I did n’t see it, so I took it. Until one day, after I was caught smoking in school and caught by the teacher, the whole thing was exposed, of course. After being scolded, did you smoke? How it is possible, it just started to hide deeper, but there is also a factor. I don't have the feeling of having to smoke, and I do n’t smoke if I have a cigarette.

Later, when I went to China alone to study, it was really a big outbreak. Basically it was a pack of cigarettes a day, and often a pack and a half. Sometimes I bought a cigarette directly because I was troublesome, and my body was naturally affected, and my physical strength had not passed. So good, plus the amount of exercise is not enough. I feel that I should not smoke again. It was not enough when I was alone and the pressure did not leave. I also felt a lot of pressure on myself. I continued to rely on smoking to shift the focus and relieve. .

After I got to university and met a friend who was studying Chinese medicine, I had a physical problem. The friend told me that I had taken too much western medicine before and smoked, so that I would have a big problem if I did n’t care. Did n’t touch the cigarette, I was drinking Chinese medicine almost every day, did the smoking end? Obviously impossible!

When a friend moved out of the dormitory to live in the city, and there were not many people left, he started to smoke again. He couldn't smoke a pack of cigarettes a week. Whether he was working or going abroad, he needed cigarettes. So I say that the length of time I smoke is not long, and it is not short.

When I wrote this,I didn't smoke anymore!

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Food in Taipei,Xinyi District,Vegetarian Hakka Meinong flat noodle-Taste from Traditional Market

On the way to Songshan Fengtian Temple,
In the morning is the traditional market,
Many people eat breakfast by the way,
There are only three vegetarian noodle shops.
Then one of them went to eat this time,
Still my family recommended me to this place.

Where is the name of the store,
Doing business in the neighborhood,
The bosses have opened stores for decades.
Like friends with many people nearby.

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Food in Taipei,Gongguan,Kyosaka Ramen-Cheap Japanese Ramen,Student Gourmet

The Gongguan shopping area  is close to Taiwan University,
In addition to night market snacks,
The prices of some restaurants are also very affordable.
Very suitable price for students,
Among the many complicated alleys,
There is such a cheap ramen shop.

My first visit was with my uncle who lived nearby,
The second time my cousin brought me,
I can imagine their preference for this Kyosaka Ramen.

Even if I visit again after a few years,
It's still alive,
This is not easy,
Especially in this highly competitive shopping area.

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食|台北【公館商圈】京阪豚骨拉麵- 平價日式拉麵、學生美食




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Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.7-Play with Big Dog but Get Injured

Xiaobao hasn't seen other dogs yet,
I usually play by myself,
Otherwise it's just playing with cats.

Originally a curious baby,
Seeing other companions more excited,
They all want to go up and make friends with each other.

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Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP6-Tired of playing and fell asleep

Xiaobao is usually full of energy,
As long as someone is there, there is no time to stop,
Like a battery that never runs out of power.

But now I have more time to take Xiaobao out for a walk,
Will also let Xiaobao play in the field,
Consume its physical strength.

Xiaobao is so cute that she looks asleep!
The tissue next to it didn't know where it came out.

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Thoughts on studying tour!

There is only one word difference between study tour and study abroad, which are two different concepts. Simply speaking, study abroad is to stay in a certain country for a long time, and study tour is like studying for a short time, so everyone hears the first reaction of study tour. Part of it is that it feels like going abroad for a long time, but there is an extra one that needs to go to school. The rest of the time is free time and you can have fun everywhere. This seems to be true.

However, studying tour has the advantages of studying tour. Before you have decided whether you want to study abroad, you can first experience the feeling of studying abroad, whether you can adapt to the local lifestyle and environment, and whether it is the same as what you think. You can avoid discovering it directly after going out. It is a poor experience to adapt to the gap, and the content of study tours is very diversified. Some can go for professional examination licenses or strengthen the content learning language courses. It is a good experience.

In addition, studying tour is also an alternative to having no way to study abroad, or an option to work for a period of time to breathe and change the environment from the current situation, recharge yourself, and then move on to the next step in life. For example, especially in recent years, there has been an increasing trend. In fact, some people at home and abroad are like this, letting them rest temporarily.

It is not a necessary option, nor is it a concept to use grand packaging. You can have a world view when you say it, but it allows you to better understand the thinking and thinking of other countries, and even a way to expand your horizons. , I will feel what people usually do not feel, what products will eventually be obtained, no one knows that everyone can get different things, if you have the opportunity, you can go and take a look regardless of the length of time.

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Thoughts on the age of studying abroad!

I remember when I was young I wanted to go abroad to study, when I was very envious of being able to go abroad to study at a very young age, always thinking about how good it is, but unfortunately, contrary to my wishes, haha! I just want to think that I will not influence the mentality for this. As I grow older, my thoughts change a bit, and I find that some things that look good are not necessarily really good, especially when I have this experience and experience. Fortunately, I did not go abroad at a very young age.

I think that studying abroad must be at least the age of high school. Whether it is studying abroad for high school or college, it is better to be above this age. Why? Elementary or junior high school age is too young, if you are not accompanied by your family to go abroad, your independence and mental state are not particularly stable and mature, and you can only deal with the situation you encounter abroad. It ’s either a good or bad direction, and it ’s less likely to be bullied. Of course, all hope is a good direction. Everyone ’s personality is different, not all will fit, and it is best to do it. Construction and evaluation of children.

Why I have this kind of thought has something to do with the examples I heard abroad. At the beginning, I went to the United States for a few months. There were people from various countries in the language school, and there was a Korean student. He is very young. He is a high school student. He was sent to the United States by his family to study, but he did not want to study abroad. He also had a girlfriend who was in Korea and did n’t go to the United States for a long time. The girlfriend told him to break up. The mental state at school was very unstable, either the class disappeared or disappeared, or the Korean seniors gathered every day to drink (the United States can't buy alcohol and drink under the age of 21!), He wanted to go back to Korea but the family did not agree, and ended up in During a trip to New York with his classmates, he was separated from other classmates. When he went shopping by himself, he had an accident (no one knows the reason) and passed away. Later, I seemed to hear that his family regretted it!

Therefore, I only reflected on it later. In fact, everyone only saw the surface, did not consider or understand the mental state, and was sent abroad to study in this way. Of course, everyone's situation is different. Some people are suitable for some people, but high school. At a young age, at least I ’m relatively mature, I can express myself, and I can do a lot of things independently. Even if there are any problems, I will try to relieve them, so it is better not to be sent to study abroad as young as possible, unless there is a family together. accompany.

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Thoughts on studying abroad ~

The first time I thought about going abroad, I forgot whether I was in elementary school or junior high school. The reason was that I did n’t like the education environment and education methods in Taiwan. Or my family is asking for grades and grades. It seems that nothing other than grades is important. It makes me feel very unhappy. Besides, I am not a person who likes studying, so the learning atmosphere abroad has won me My heart will make me hope that I can go abroad to study.

Of course, there is no such condition in my family, which allows me to study in the United States. It is also a good thing to think about not going to study abroad at such a young age. Although I am going to university in China later, there are too many issues involved here, and it is not described. But it can be regarded as another kind of study in another place.

Is it necessarily good to study abroad? I think it is not necessarily a possibility. There are good and bad possibilities. Of course, everyone is saying that going abroad can expand the horizon and have a world view. Can't Taiwan have a vision and a world view? In the present age, as long as you have the heart, the Internet can bring you a lot of rich world, as long as you know how to use it.

Studying abroad is an option, not a must or it must be a good choice. Many families have the ability to send children to study abroad, but children may not want to go, and some children want to go abroad, but the family may not have the ability to let him Why study abroad when you go abroad to study?

I personally think that it depends on whether it is suitable for you. Everyone has their own environment and methods. Just like I have this idea, I think that the learning atmosphere in Asia is not my favorite. I put too much emphasis on my grades, and I should have fun. In my childhood, campus time became unpleasant. This is just for me. Some people may be suitable for this environment, but I can only say that it is not suitable for me.

The free and open learning environment is more of the way I yearn for. Why do I have to bear so much pressure when I was young?

Studying abroad is actually a major decision, so you need to think about it. Do n’t study abroad in order to study abroad, but you must seize this opportunity.

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Food in Miaoli,Tongxiao-Baishatun (Li Ji) Rou Bing Shop-Freshly Roasted Aroma

Walking towards the pedestrian zone 
of Baishatun Gong Tian Temple,
Will smell the scent,
When looking for the source of flavor,
You will first see a group of people get together.

At this time, curiosity followed and looked around,
You will find the original source here,
Either try it or pay for the cake.

It ’s been a long time since I saw this traditional ancient style.
Selling ancient cakes,
Involuntarily wants to eat,
Hard to resist the temptation,
I used to really like this kind of cake with high calories.

Li Ji  Baishatun Rou Bing Restaurant,
It looks like a very local brand,
If there are no friends who have not been to Baishatun,
I do n’t know if there is this bakery
I am one of them.

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Life | Xiaobao's Growth Diary EP5-Xiaobao and the Cat cuddling together

A scene of harmony,
A dog and a cat,
Snuggle together.

Their relationship is getting better and better,
But in fact cats are not raised by us,
They are migrants who come in from the outside.